Sunday, 20 September 2015

Introduction to the Palin Family Website and How to Use it.

As a way of introducing the website to cousins around the world I have sent this out in an email.

I would like to share this with you now.

Yes, I would be more than thrilled to receive any information that you would care to share!!!

I have always stated – the family tree web site is not "mine".  It belongs to all of us descendants and the more people share the richer the site comes for all of us.  

A little history regarding the creation of the web site.  Quite a few years ago I went to a mini family reunion at a cousin’s house and met many cousins there.  They all came with their little bits of information and photos.  I found it all a bit overwhelming and knew I would not remember it all and was busy taking notes.  Months later still trying to remember all the information and sending many emails for clarification, it dawned on me that everyone was in the same boat as I was.  We all just had little bits of information.

The inspiration took hold and I used the Field of Dream concept; If you build it they will come.  We now have cousins from all over the world sending in their bits of information and photographs!