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Week 28: Barnwood Football Club Concert

It is amazing the things you can find online, or reading old newspaper articles.  It is even more amazing what you don’t find right away – but crops up later.

A number of years ago I had posted a picture of a newspaper article that mentioned my grandfather, Charles Stapleford Palin, and his brother Alfred Hugh, had performed in a local play/variety show in order to raise funds for the local football club.  The newspaper article was found in the Gloucester Citizen February 14, 1911.
Gloucester Citizen February 14, 1911.

Today I found an article about the same event but in the Gloucestershire Echo February 11, 1911, but it offered a very important piece of information that was not in the other newspaper!

Barnwood Football Club Concert

On Friday evening an entertainment of an unusually attractive and successful character was given in the Barnwood School in aid of the Barnwood Football Club.  The promoters must have spent no end of time and trouble in preparing the programme and in spite of a wet night their efforts were rewarded with a crowded and most appreciative audience.  That the audience were appreciative and that the programme was a capital one may both be gauged by the fact that practically every one of the items were warmly encored.  Those contributing to the miscellaneous part of the programme were Miss May Smith, Miss Flora Bruton, Miss Dorothy Fowler, Messrs R J Heeclas, Charles S Palin and Eric Fowler.

Songs, duets, dances and character recitation by Mr. Palin, and a ventriloquist display by Mr. Heelas made up a charming programme, in which it is really invidious to discriminate.  Of the songs and duets by Miss Bruton, Miss Fowler and Mr. Eric Fowler, of the clever impersonations of Mr. Heelas, of the dancing of Miss Smith – of one and all it can only be said that they delighted the audience beyond measure.

The second part of the programme was taken up with a representation of “Bardell vs. Pickwick”.  The characters were admirably sustained and the old fashioned dress seemed to give an added Dickenson touch to the humour of the proceedings.  Mr. Charles S Palin as Sergeant Buzfuz, was in fine form and he was ably seconded by Mr. Ben Godwyn as Mr. Skimkim, while Mr. Reginald Vernon as Sergeant Snubbins, capably presented the case for Mr. Pickwick.  Mr. Eric Fowler gave the appearance of many years’ experience in his role of judge and Mr. Pickwick (Mr. Harold Sydney) both acted in keeping with their historic names.  The other witnesses – Mr. Nathaniel Winkle (Mr. James Gerald), Mrs. Clupping (Miss Clarice Langston), Mrs. Sanderson (Miss Olive Perrott) were all very good.  Miss Ellen Francis took the part of Mrs. Bardell, and the other characters were Mr. Plinge (Mr. Phunky), Mr. H M Weale (Mr. Parker), Mr. John K Foss (“Old Weller”), Mr. A Hugh Palin (foreman of the jury), and Mr. Carrington (Groffin).

During the interval the Rev. F H Fowler proposed a vote of thanks to the performers and mentioned that Mr. Charles S Palin, who had taken a prominent part in this evening entertainment, was shortly leaving for Canada, and he said their good wishes would go with him.  He also thanked the Mayor, (Mr. James Bruton) for honouring them with his presence.  The vote of thanks was seconded by Mr. W H Willis and heartily carried.

Gloucestershire Echo February 11, 1911
It is amazing that both articles cover the same event but only one gives me a better timeline of when my Grandfather came to Canada.  I only wish one of the articles came with a picture.  So I guess in a matter of speaking the Barnwood Football Club Concert was my grandfather’s last hurrah in England!  I knew he went back to England in 1916 and returned to Canada in 1917, but I was never sure of when he first came over.  And now I have the ship’s manifest as well, Empress of Ireland docked in Montreal March 3, 1911.

{future note to self – read all articles even if they maybe possible duplicates!!!!}

Out of the 13 living siblings of my grandfather, 5 out of the 6 brothers emigrated and 5 out of the 7 living sisters emigrated.

William Joseph Henry Palin born 1877 emigrated May 1902
Arnold Kyrke Palin born 1879 emigrated 19 May 1908
Douglas Vernon Palin born 1882 emigrated sometime in 1904
Cecil Gordon Palin born 1885 emigrated April 1912
John Francis Palin born 1886 emigrated Feb 1927 – came for trial visit – went back to England and stayed there
Alfred Hugh Palin born 1889 emigrated April 1912

When my great grandfather, Arnold Henry Palin, died in Gloucester in 1918, his widow, Lydia Kate, emigrated to Canada in 1920 and left behind one son, John Francis Palin and 2 daughters, Dora Kate Palin and Muriel Venables Corlett (nee Palin).

So much family history was left back in England, but what a great future Canada held in store for the future Palin descendants!

Also note, the Barnwood Football Club Concert was not the first time my grandfather performed the roll as Sergeant Buzfuz as seen in this article from the Gloucester Journal - Saturday 21 January 1911.   (Could the aptitude of performing be hereditary?)

Gloucester Journal - Saturday 21 January 1911

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