Friday, 2 September 2016

Week 35: Scotty’s Little Soldiers

There are some times when it is so hard to stay on track.  I could not begin to tell you how many times I would do a search on a particular person and then find something of interest about a totally different person that turns out not to be related at all.

There are other times that I would find something of “Palin” interest that leads me in a totally different place and I “stumble” upon something else which could then lead to something else and so on and so on.

Then if I am lucky, I might find a missing piece to the puzzle and possibly a lot more than I was searching for.

A couple of years ago I found where a Corporal Mark Anthony Palin was killed in Afghanistan in 2011.  I had no link to Mark at that time and bookmarked the site for future reference.

Five years later while looking for someone else and I find another story about Corporal Mark Anthony Palin – but this one shows his father’s name and siblings and wife and child.

Is Mark’s dad in the tree?  I then searched for Mark’s father and found him in our tree and then added Mark and his siblings to the tree.

Then I went searching for Mark’s marriage and child as reported in that new article.  I then found another story that states that Marks wife was pregnant at the time of Mark’s death and due that year.

Then I went searching to see if I could find anything about the new baby and found a wonderful picture of Mark’s children with the Prime Minister for the lighting of the Christmas tree in 2014.

I continued to search to see if there was anything else about Mark and his family and found a charity organization that helps support the children of fallen soldiers in the UK.  What a wonderful idea!  The organization is called Scotty’s Little Soldiers.  They even had a great facebook page and while searching this organization I also found an where an Anthony Palin was going to do the Marathon des Sables in order to donate to this great Charity.  (no connection to Anthony as of yet – trying to keep on track)

War is never nice and you lose even when you win.  The biggest losers are the children.  I am thrilled to see that Scotty's Little Soldiers is there to help these children and wanted to spread the word.

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