Thursday, 20 October 2016

Week 42: Argonaut Four

Lucy Margaret Palin was born in 1895 in Wells, Somerset to Richard Palin and Agnes Mary Coles.  Before she was two years old the family emigrated to Ontario and the next child, Ethel Emily was born in Collingwood, Ontario in 1867.

Lucy Margaret was raised in Collingwood and had two sisters and two brothers.  In 1878 her father died.  Her mother continued to raise the children in Collingwood and in 1889, Lucy Margaret married Frederick Harold Thompson, a coal and wood merchant. 

According to the 1891 Canadian census, Lucy and Frederick are now living in Toronto, they have two children and Frederick’s occupation is still listed as coal and wood merchant.

In the 1901 census, Lucy and Frederick are still in Toronto and Frederick’s occupation is now listed as Broker.  The eldest child has died but there are six children living with them. 

Lucy Margaret took ill and needed an operation.  The operation was a success however blood poisoning took effect and she died in 1903 at the young age of 37.

I have not been able to find Frederick or the children in the 1911 census, but we do find Frederick and two sons now living in Temiskaming, Ontario in the 1921 census.  Frederick’s occupation is given as prospector.

The next thing we find is an obituary for Frederick in the Ottawa newspaper dated May 29, 1940.
Frederick Harold Thompson. 78, formerly a noted sculler, died today at Swastika, in Northern Ontario, according to word received here tonight. He was a member of the famous "Argonaut Four" which won the American championship at Albany. N.Y., and the Stewards' Cup at the English Henley regatta in 1894. He was recognized also as the father of curling in Northern Ontario and as late as last winter completed in the Northern Ontario bonspiel.  Mr. Thompson was a charter member of the Standard Stock and Mining Exchange here. He is survived by three daughters; Mrs. Fred Olsen of Swastika, Mrs. George Newlands, of Portland. Ore, and Mrs. G. G. Grover of Ottawa, and three sons, Richard T. Thompson, of Kirkland Lake, W. Roy Thompson, of Swastika, and Eric T. Thompson, of Toronto. The funeral will be held here Thursday.

 I was not sure what the "Argonaut Four" was and had to look it up.  There were 4 members of the Toronto Argonaut Rowing Club that went on to win quite a few races nationally and internationally.  The four members were Frederick Harold Thompson, his brother Eric Thompson, Joe Wright and B Knox. 

Here is an interesting bit of trivia that I found linking the Argonaut Rowing Club and the Toronto Argonaut Football team.
The Toronto Argonauts Football club was formed on October 4, 1873, making them one of the oldest existing clubs in professional North American sport. The Argonauts football club branched off from the Argonauts Rowing Club that was formed in 1871. The purpose of the football club at that time was to keep rowing club in shape during the off-season.

I think it is amazing, Frederick Thompson got married, had children, was employed and yet still able to be an international rowing champion.  I wonder if he played for the football team as well.  Amazing!

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