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Week 52: "52 Weeks=52 Ancestors"

As we draw the 2016 genealogy challenge “52 weeks=52 ancestors” to a close it reminds me of years ago, on New Year’s Day, the local pop radio station would do a countdown of the top 100 songs of the previous year.  The excitement and build-up of which song would they select as number one would keep me glued to the radio!

Wouldn’t it be great if I could do the same thing today?  Create a top ten countdown of our Palin ancestors.  Granted there won’t be pop songs, but ten Palins from our site selected for having made their mark in the history books or made a difference in their world.  What a fun idea!  So without further ado….

Number 10 is Gilbert Walter Palin.  He may not have changed his current world and he may not be in history books, but because of his writing the two Military History Books of the Palin Family he has reached through the years of time and touched all future generations to come that want to research the family.  We are so very grateful!

Number Nine is Reginald Culliford Palin and wife Dorothy who could have stayed in England and worked there but chose to go to Africa and help spread the word of God and teach teachers to how to continue their work after they leave.   Imagine all the lives they had touched and made a difference in that world!  You can read more about him in week thirty-four.

Number Eight is John Palin who not only fought in the Crimean war and was one of the infamous 600 but then went to USA and fought in the American Civil War and was taken prisoner in the infamous Libby Prison in Richmond Virginia and survived! He was the inspiration for me to take on this challenge and he was the subject of the very first blog post.  

Number Seven is William Mainwaring Palin a famed artist that did wonderful paintings but also painted McEwan Hall at University of Edinburgh.  On the dome there are figures of the Arts and Sciences. Over the proscenium arch to the apse there is a huge allegorical scheme on the theme of Temple of fame with enthroned goddesses of Science, Art and Literature. On the right of the arch is Minerva receiving the McEwan Hall, and on the left Fame crowning Success. There are also figures of Perseverance, Intelligence, Imagination and Experience.  He also painted in St. Clements Church, Bradford, Yorkshire and there beside the altar are giant oil paintings one of the visit of the Magi and one of the Crucifixion.

Number Six is Francis Palin who worked tirelessly on behalf of the London City Mission going across the country and giving talks about needed relief for the poor in London.  You can read more about this here.

Number Five is Gwynedd Marion Palin.  I am choosing her to represent all the teachers in the family who touch the lives of our youngsters and share their knowledge and hopefully love of learning.  Gwen’s is also chosen because of her inner strength and travelling round the world on her own and not retiring until she was 80 years of age.

Number Four is Helen Grace Palin.  I am going to have to write about her in the future – but a sneak preview of why she would be selected was not only was she a nurse for so many years but she also went into the field hospitals during the war.  The lives that she helped save or the comfort that she gave deserves a mention on this list.  My hat goes off to all those in the medical profession.

Number Three is William Henry Palin.  Not only was he Chief Constable of the Manchester Police during the Fenian Uprising, but he also fought for his men.  Because of him, the men were given an unheard of one day off a week and one uniform would be provided.  He changed the system to benefit his men!

Number Two is Henry Venables Palin.  Not only was he a county doctor, he was also on the board of Medical Association , Mayor of Wrexham for two years and he was one of the first doctors in Wales to use sleeping gas during surgery.  I have also found report where he was pushing for better ways of disposing of household waste and ensuring clean drinking water for his countrymen.

Number One is William Palin.  Here is a farmer with a difference, he was an educated man and in 1845 he wrote a winning essay on Farming in Cheshire (pg 57) that they were still quoting some fifty years later.  He traveled across the shire talking to the different farmers, and analyzing the soil.  He wrote about his findings, crop rotation and using different methods to fertilize the ground.  What really impressed me the most was how he realized that tenant farmers were not always respected and that if the land owners treated their tenant farmers better, then everyone would prosper.  Twenty seven years after writing the winning essay he is still fighting for the tenant farmer.
The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard  November 22 1872 Page 2

That now completes the genealogy challenge of “52 Weeks=52 Ancestors”.  I have enjoyed the challenge, hope you all enjoyed it as well.  The plan for next year is there may be two entries one month and perhaps only one entry the next. So might I suggest a couple of ways that you can keep informed of each new blog post so you don't miss any of them.

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Have a great New Year Everyone!

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