Sunday, 22 January 2017

James Palin and Martha Boffey

Don’t you just love it when it all comes together so neatly?  This does not happen too often when researching a family tree but every once in a while another piece of information or a document that proves a connection just falls into your lap.

I have written before about which James Palin married Martha Boffey in 1788 in Wrenbury/Bunbury.  (the marriage was recorded in both places)  There are many family trees on line that still show this James Palin was the son of Thomas Palin and Elizabeth Smythe born in Aldford in 1758. 

Well another piece of information just came to my attention today that helps prove that James Palin that married Martha Boffey was not the son of Thomas Palin and Elizabeth Smythe.  And the unexpected document really has nothing to do with James, but with a Phoebe Palin! 

Phoebe Palin married a John Boffey in Bunbury in 1786.  John Boffey’s parents were Phillip Boffey and Mary Taylor.  Phillip and Mary Boffey had eleven children all born in Bunbury.  Two of the children John Boffey and his sister Martha both married Palins that were also sister and brother.

Phoebe Palin’s parents were Thomas Palin and Martha Jackson.  Note on her baptism it clearly states that they were living in Beeston.

  Thomas and Martha also had a son James Palin born in 1760.  Again please note on his baptism it clearly states that they were living in Beeston not Aldford!

It was this James Palin that married Martha Boffey!!  As seen on the marriage document James’s brother in law John Boffey witness the marriage. 

 You can also find that connection in Phillip Boffey’s will where he mentions his son John Boffey, his daughter Martha and son in law James Palin!!! 

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