Monday, 13 February 2017

DNA Results

So after a bit of time the long awaited results are finally in.  I can say that there were no great surprises or shocks.  There is a wee bit of disappointment, but I will get into that later.

I have been researching my family lines for over 20 years and was pretty confident that I was a UK kid, just like my Nana told me.  Realizing that the UK history shows that the Romans were there pre 400 ad and then the Germanic tribes started to infiltrate and the vikings, I was expecting some European DNA - but from where was the question.

So as expected this was my result.

To know more about each area and what it entailed - here is that breakdown.

The funniest thing about each area breakdown is that they all overlap into the UK. So, as I stated before no great surprises here.  Now there is always traces, hints if you will of other DNA.  Here is that breakdown.

Again, no huge surprise here.  I could not have called it better!  The wee disappointment lies not with the DNA breakdown but with the matches.  

I have three main family trees that I research. My mother's father's line (Palin Tree) from England, my mother's mother's line (Ogston Tree) in Scotland and my fathers line (Marlow Tree) from England.  Since my mother's fathers tree (Palin) is by far the largest and the most researched, I was pretty sure there would be matches.

Nary a one direct hit/match on the Palin tree and only one direct hit at all and it was in the Scottish line!

Now to give you the full match connection breakdown, the matches show my daughter, my paternal uncle, his daughter, one 3rd cousin match, 67 4th cousin matches and 159 pages of distant cousin matches.  There are 50 matches on a page so 50 x 159 = 7950 distant cousin matches!!!!!!!

I only just received the results yesterday and have not gone through those 7950 distant cousin matches to find what the connection is and on which line the connection is.  I did look into the 67 fourth cousins to see if I could find a connection and was only able to ascertain 5 of the connections and they were on my father's line.  

The issue is that not everyone who took the DNA test from has a tree online.  And if they do have a tree, it may not be very complete.  There are a couple of trees that have less than 10 people in the tree. So without researched trees online, the ability to make those matches/connections becomes a huge issue.  

Did I take the test to make connections or did I take the test to find out what my DNA would show?  Quite honestly my answer would be both and that is why I stated that there is only a wee bit of disappointment.    The more people that take the test and post online trees, the more connections I could make and that all will happen over time.  Plus I do have those 7950 connections to try to figure out.......

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