Monday, 4 September 2017

Oh Joy Unbounded!

I have often talked about my “Palin Guru” before and have bemoaned the fact that we have never been able to find the Palin link to connect his branch to mine.  I have my suspicions on who the link maybe – but we want more proof.

Bob Palin just had his DNA tested with ancestry and shared the results with me.  There was not a match between us.  While checking his matches with mine and my mothers and coming up empty handed, I stumbled upon something very exciting!

Bob’s father was William James Palin born in 1913 in Liverpool.  William James Palin’s parents were Frederick Thomas Palin and Janet Fleming.

Janet Fleming had a brother John Fleming who was born in 1883 in Liverpool.  This John would be my “Palin Guru’s” grand uncle.   John married a Mabel Gresty in 1908.

So you maybe wondering where am I going with this and what does a John Fleming and Mabel Gresty have to do with our tree? 

Mabel Gresty is in our tree!!!!!

Mabel was born in Liverpool in 1885 to John Gresty and Jane Ferguson.  John Gresty was born in 1858 in Walgherton, Cheshire to John Gresty and Mary Palin!  Mary Palin was born in 1822 in Wybunbury to a James Palin and Jane Austin.

So the connection from our Mary Palin, born 1822 to my “Palin Guru’s” grandfather Frederick Thomas Palin is a bit convoluted but it is still a connection!  Fredrick Thomas Palin would be Mary Palin grandson in-law's brother in-law.  Phew!  Seeing it is easier.

 With this new information I will be adding my “Palin Guru’s” tree to our site over the next few  months.  Hopefully we can find the proof of our "Palin Link" soon!

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  1. Imagine my surprise when this pooped up! I did actually know there was at least one other Bob Palin though we are not related as far as I know.