Saturday, 6 May 2017

Why do a DNA test?

So today's blog really has nothing to do with the Palin family research but more to try to explain why researching the family tree was so important to me and my family.
I have a humdinger of a story to tell regarding my paternal family research.
My paternal grandfather was born in London in 1893 and a year later his father died. His mother went out to work as a domestic and my grandfather went into an orphanage. She paid a small fee every week towards his care. Then he was sent to Canada as a British Home Child. My grandfather never talked about England and his children never knew he was a British Home Child.  I was actually able to get copies of the admittance papers to that orphanage.
My paternal grandmother was born illegitimate in London in 1896 and was given up for adoption. Her children never knew that she was adopted and could never find a birth certificate under her adopted name of Connor. Her passport and marriage certificate showed the adopted name and adopted parents’ names. Talk about a HUGE brick wall! It was just a fluke one day my aunt mentioned that there were letters that her mother had received from England that were signed “Love Mom” - but the return address was from a Mrs. J.B. Gurney.
I went onto the bulletin boards under the Gurney name and asked if anyone knew who these people were at that return address at that year to please contact me - because Mrs. J.B. Gurney might be my great grandmother.
About a year later, a wonderful woman from Australia wrote and said that Mrs. J.B. Gurney was her grandfathers second wife. After much research I found where Corrie Louisa Sophia Baker had my grandmother baptised and that certificate showed my grandmothers birthday!!!!
Since finding out about my great grandmother, Corrie, people have been fabulous with sharing information and have been so loving. It has been an amazing journey!
My father and his siblings grew up with no extended family and no cousins and now have cousins all around the world!
The GREATEST thing about the DNA test is it confirms my research, that my grandmother was born a Baker, not a Connor!!!!!!
I wonder if the DNA test results will help me find my paternal grandmother's unknown father......... 

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