Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Exciting DNA Match

You will all probably get tired of hearing me go on and on about the DNA results - but everyday there is something new.  Some days it is nothing exciting and other days it can just lead to more questions.

Today's find will keep me busy for quite some time and I am sure it will make a lot of Palins from the USA very excited.

In case you missed an earlier blog ancestry DNA will tell you what your ethnicity background is and it was also give you a list of other people whose DNA matches yours.  It breaks down the match list by different categories of closeness.   The categories that I have are as follows.

  • Parent, Child which is my daughter
  • Close Family which is my paternal uncle 
  • 2nd Cousin - which is my paternal Uncle's daughter 
  • 3rd Cousin which is one person and I have not figured out how we are connected 
  • 4th Cousin - which there are now 80 names shown 
  • Distant Cousin of which there are now 188 pages of 50 names (188*50=9400)

I just realised today at the top of the matches there is a search bar.  I thought it was where you would search the names of the people that submitted the DNA test. So I tried it.  It seems that is searches names in the family trees that are associated with the DNA test.  I had seven matches.

The first one is obviously my daughter, the other six were in the category distant cousin.  I have already discussed the possible connection with Steve Bosley so that leaves five to look into.

baggie28's tree shows a Susanna Palin born in Shropshire to a Margaret Palin.  That will definitely need further investigation.

The exciting thing was the other four matches all lead to Palins that went to Pasquotank, North Carolina in the  United States!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a huge branch of Palins and the brick wall for all of the North Carolina Palins trees that I have seen online is who was the patriarch in England???

Is it possible that the Palins from Aldford, Cheshire are connected to the Palins from Pasquotank, North Carolina???  According to this DNA test and the results, it sure looks like it!

The problem now is to find who first went to Pasquotank, North Carolina and where and when was he born in England?

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